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Brain Dance
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Brain Dance

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Migraines are now optional

Nearly all migraines can be eliminated with supplements or a change in our habits. And we want to help you solve your migraine head pain.

Migraines are a sign of deeper issues and you DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM!

Big Pharma Lie

This is the TRUTH big pharma doesn’t care if you discover. You can fix the problem that causes the migraine. Why don’t they tell you? Because they don’t sell supplements. They only sell medicines and helping you find a non medicinal solution is not profitable for them. We don’t think like this. In fact, we only want you to use our supplements if they work for you. And you will know if they work soon after taking them.

Our goal is simply to help you get rid of migraines and chronic headaches without brain-fogging pain killers.

So here is the truth…

There is no need to be suffering from migraines. No one told you because they didn't know or didn't care. Imagine a day or week without head pain, eye pain or that brain fog you get from pain killers. Brain Dance actually fixes the issue for most people.

Here is why... 

Migraines are caused by poor vascular health and inflammation in your brain. You could be doing everything else right and still have migraines. Here is why. Our blood vessels and nerve tissues need mineral amounts that are not found in modern diets or even organic foods. Magnesium is one of these and it is needed throughout the body (nerve, muscle, heart, bone etc) but especially in the vascular system of our brain.

Without taking the right supplements it is impossible for most people to capture the right amount of minerals and nutrients. Because they do not exist in our modern foods as they once did. So here is the choice we need to make. You can mask the pain or fix its cause. 

What Brain Dance Can Do For You...

  • Rid the cause of migraines
  • Support vascular health through the body and brain
  • Support mitochondrial function
  • Promote heart and cardiovascular health
  • Boost energy and cognitive function
  • Calming effect
  • Support bones & teeth
  • Sleep faster and deeper
  • Joint Support

Magnesium Glycinate is one of the most important nutrients needed throughout the body and is essential for a nutritious life. It is necessary in functions and processes throughout the whole body. This nutrient also helps you sleep restfully and your body to recover on a day to day basis.

Cool Side effects

Magnesium is commonly used as a natural sleep vitamin that helps calm the brain and body by soothing their connection: the nervous system. This helps you relax and fall into a much deeper state of sleep. By doing this, the body is able to be rejuvenated properly.  This natural ingredient allows you a much needed recovery while you rest.

Signs You may be lacking magnesium. 

  • Migraines on regular basis
  • Teeth grinding at night or sore jaw in morning
  • Chronic headaches
  • Vision and speech impairment with numbness followed by a huge headache.
  • Restless agitation when you are trying to sleep
  • Constipation
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Heightened sensitivity to food triggers 

Most people who begin taking Brain Dance notice other health improvements such as better sleep, less anxiety, bone and heart health and no more constipation etc.

 How do I know if I need this?

The short answer is that without taking a Magnesium supplement like Brain Dance, there is no way to absorb enough for your body to function properly. Magnesium is included in most multivitamins but only about 1/20 of what your body needs each day. Brain Dance not only contains the total amount your body needs each day, but it is in Glycinate form. Nearly all other Migraine supplements use a cheaper citrate form which still works but gives you diarrhea. So you gain back pain free time only to spend half of it in the bathroom. Brain Dance also has much higher absorption rates, so the effects are more quick, noticeable and lasting.

 What it could mean for you.

Migraines are a rather particular type of headache. They have a trigger and can virtually incapacitate you. They can affect your vision, mental concentration and in severe cases, such as ‘cluster migraines’, can affect your speech, nervous system and other senses. Very scary the first time it happens. If you have these symptoms there is a great chance Brain Dance will eliminate the cause of your migraine and restore vascular health inside your brain.

With Brain Dance you can live headache free. Our No Brain Pain Warranty means we want you to feel your best and we will help you anyway we can.

 Why now?

The reason why some people only notice this in middle age is because their bodies become less resilient to mineral and vitamin deficiencies that were once hidden by youthful vigor and stamina, but become exposed with age.

* * *

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