Questions & Answers about Headaches and Migraine Buster

What are some sign or symptoms that Migraine Buster could help me?

The Magnesium in Migraine Buster helps with a very wide range of headaches and migraine. Basically if you have chronic headaches, magnesium is one of the first things you should try. And most blood test your family doctor will give you do not even test for vitamin and nutrition deficiencies except iron.

What is the healing or recovery spectrum?

Like most other physically ailments, the healing spectrum has distinct parts. You may no longer have pain after a few days or weeks once you begin taking supplements. However underlying problems are likely still present. You may not feel it, but the problem that your body is deficient in proper miners which support vascular health, is still present. Be patient, most of us have had years of deficient diets. Our bodies will recover with remarkable speed but we must supply them with the material they need to rebuild. So if you have migraines chances are the only way you will ever be able to live migraine free is by adding the correct supplements to your body. Thankfully you should rarely need pain suppressing medication or expensive symptomatic ‘migraine drugs’, but you should continue to take Brain Dance to see how much better you can really feel.

Are there side effects?

This is truly a great part about Migrain Buster and most minerals. You cannot really overdose. If you take too much you may get the runs. Even though the magnesium in Migraine Buster is 'Byglisnate', whcih absorbs into your body much betters and is less likely to give you the runs than other forms; if someone really wants to see if it works for them we recomend a double dose for the first week. And when you start to get the runs it means your body has enough to start repairing and you can back off to the regular daily dose.

When should I take it?

Twice a day

Should I take it with a meal?

with or without meals

What are common migraine triggers?

How can I find our my triggers?

Where can I find a good comprehensive blood test to really see which minerals I need?

Would this help my teenagers?

Yes, some teenagers and preteens have server vitamin deficiency and are already getting headache and migraines. Sadly many parents think its normal. But it doesn't have to be. All our ingredients are safe for children. It has been especially helpful for preteen girls.

I know what my migraines are from? The are from the red wine of the wealth.

This is not really true at all. Those are just the triggers that cause the pain and inflammation to pass the noticeable pain threshold. And since you cannot fix the triggers. Only avoid them, you best fix the problem and the symptom will go way by itself.

What if my 2 yr old eats half the bottle?

He won’t. It taste bad if you try to chew the caples. Is it safe? What are the side effects. Let’s just say you could swallow the entire bottle and all that would happen is you would really have to go #2 in a wet way… for the rest of the day. Even if you kid eat the bottle nothing would happen except he would never do it again. It doesn’t taste good.

Do I have to take it forever?

How long to I have to use it, take. FOREVER. Trust us, if you are the forgetful type your headaches will remind you. It is worth being our forever customer and we will strive always offer you the best produce for the best price. And our newsletters will offer the best advice. Our goal is that you do not have to mask the symptoms with drugs or anger management venting. Hopefully, you order the product right away and you start taking it within the week and start to experience relief within days. My daughter experiences relief within an hour after taking it. She was 11yrs old and yes migraines run our family. Which is really like actually saying mineral and vitamin deficiency run in our family.

How do I know it will work for me?

You will not really know for sure until you try. However the supplements in our formula are the most common causes of migraines if they are missing from your body. And the vast majority of the population is deficient in these minerals, especially magnesium. So if you have migraines there is an excellent change our formula will help you. There is a good chance it can solve your issue completely.